Top athletes have learned the necessity to retain a performance enhancing coach.  Successful businesses follow this example by providing coaches for the leaders, and emerging stars in their organization.

An emerging star is one of your leaders of tomorrow that has entered the succession plan of your organization.  We will help your stars to see the opportunities to remove barriers to be successful, and then to say what must be done to achieve success, and finally to be held accountable to dowhat they have seen and said, to become a top performer.

We focus on the following three models.  From these models, we will design a personal program for you, to help you reach success.

Your Coaching Strategies

  • Executive Coaching
  • Sales and Performance Coaching
  • Career & Transition Coaching

Executive Coaching is one of the most positive methods for enhancing leadership skills at a senior level.  It translates to tangible results for you, your employer, and those associates around you.  Working with you, behind the scenes, we will help you and your leaders establish the mission and vision, think through organizational issues, put the right people in the right positions, and lead healthy teams to drive the organization.

Sales and Performance Coaching involves goal oriented exercises impacting bottom line performance measures.  Many times salespeople or project managers fail because they do not operate from a thoughtful written business plan.  Other reasons include a failure to embrace technology, an inability to give good presentations, not seeing enough of the right people, or, they simply do not have good selling, or project management skills.  Coaching will help you identify your strengths to build on, and weaknesses to eliminate.

Career development can be greatly enhanced through Career & Transition Coaching. We look beyond the walls of the work-world and stretch into balancing your career with your personal life.  “Jobs for life” are disappearing, replaced by a pattern of career dislocations and transitions.  Initial feelings of anger, frustration, and despair can be overcome and replaced by strong feelings of acceptance and control.  We would like to see your journey enabling you to move from a “job”, to a “vocation”.

Traditionally, you may have concentrated your search on previous experiences, or proven skill sets. Perhaps it’s time to focus on your values matching the values of your next opportunity. Career Coaching can help you find clarity, establish goals, design a personal plan, and achieve success in your transition through coaching advised self accountability.  We can help you!

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Career Opportunities

Affinity Group Coaching applies the principles of business advisory coaching in a group setting, including peers with a common interest, characterized by common goals and experiences, networking and collegiality, multiple perspectives on problem-solving, shared encouragement, accountability, and the opportunity to help others. The keys to success are the chemistry of the group composition, the confidential environment, and interaction driven by engaging exercises and a professional facilitator/leader.

We will be happy to design a personalized program for you.


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