I started a Google search several months ago.

I wanted to keep up with the latest news, trends, research, and people associated with great Leadership.  I have been bothered to say the least, by the massive quantity of “stuff” out there associated with Leaders, and Leadership.  And it’s not all good.  I thought twitter might have a better answer.  I have found a wonderful community of great Leaders active and happy to share their successes with others.  So I hash-tagged #Leaders and#Leadership.    The same results, but made even worse by the all of the other social media followers who either are looking for great Leadership, or those Tweeps believing they are great Leaders.  What a disappointment this was.

All of this brought me back to my first writings and discoveries of the concept of the Rare Leader™.  Why did I make a distinction between Leaders, and Rare Leaders.  What is the difference?  What makes a Great Leader Rare?

Over the many years I have interacted with Leaders, I have been able to glean much from the many examples I’ve found.  Yes, both good and bad.  Ive worked for some of the best, and like many of you, I’ve suffered through the worst of Leaders.  The concept and curriculum of the Rare Leader™ takes this in, and combines it with extensive research, and continued purposeful interaction with Leaders claiming to be better than great.  Some really are, while others continue to fall short of being Rare.

Here’s what we find.  There are 12 basic competencies or behaviors of the Rare Leader, woven together with the common threads of Passion, Selflessness, and Trust.   The Rare Leader must possess and exhibit all 12 of these competencies to be regarded as a Great Leader.   Thats why we call it Rare, because many Leaders are good, or even better than others, but it is Rare, that we find one who is truly great.

Who You Are…

  • Integrity of Character
  • Charisma
  • Inner Strength

Instilling in Others…

  • Relationships
  • Delegation
  • Working with Ambiguity

Seeking Results…

  • Driven to Achieve
  • Taking Ownership
  • Decision Making

The Bigger Picture…

  • Vision
  • Planning to Execute
  • Outlook for the Future

The next time you feel in the presence of Greatness, or believe you see it in the mirror, ask yourself if all 12 of the competencies of the Rare Leader™ are achieved at the highest level, supported by Passion, Selflessness, and Trust.

If the answer is yes, please contact me.  I really desire to meet this Great Rare Leader.

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