We all seek balance in our lives.  Thats all the rage these days.  Do you have proper work/life balance?  Is there a good balance between meetings, e-mails, phone calls, and one on one time?  Can you multi task and balance all that you have to do today?  Balance.  It’s all about balance.

The Rare Leader must also focus on a balance.  After all, how would we begin to study and focus on 12 specific competencies and display our high achieving behaviors?  Good coaches always claim if you divide an conquer a series of smaller lists make the task less daunting.  Also, it makes sense to understand the bigger picture in the complete, but rare leader. And finally it does require a balance.  We must balance our attention and instilling of behaviors across the board for successful integration of the competencies.  Balance.  Balancing our Leadership within ourselves, and to others,  while we seek results over the bigger picture.  Balance.

Let’s divide and conquer while we seek to organize our own self balance among the 12 competencies.  We learn differently than our children. Adults learn and work well within triads.  If we understand the 12 competencies of the Rare Leader in four groups of three, it already seems more logical, safe, and achievable.

Who you are…

Integrity Of Character – “Who I am” is the combination of morality, values and ethics that create a strength of your Character consistent of being true to values, and doing the right thing…Simply because it is the right thing.

Charisma – When your Charisma is positive, uplifting, true, from the heart, and personal, it reflects from your Character.

Inner Strength – The balance, poise, and ability to maintain composure through ups and downs, and knowing when to apply intellectual intelligence and maturity to Lead in times of both War and Peace.

Instilling in others…

Relationships – The hidden challenge for you is adapting to all of the skills of the “human factor”.  After all, like snowflakes, no two human beings are alike.

Delegation – Surrounding yourself with others who are smarter, and more talented than you means nothing, if they are not empowered by you.

Working With Ambiguity – Accept and promote the ambiguity of leadership.  Connect the dots, and put all the pieces together into the puzzle.  But most of all, instill this into your Team.

Seeking results…

Driven To Achieve – A successful persistence towards achieving goals is fueled by a functional trusting Team, with you sharing and encouraging a commitment to achievement.

Taking Ownership – Your Team needs you to be passionate about making them the MVP at what they do.  Your Team needs you to Take Ownership of making the entire team and the entire organization successful.

Decision Making – Must be decisive, with ability to assess, analyze, and move toward a  solution using instincts, and be willing to take a risk where the absence of facts makes the better decision.  Life is full of choices…make one.

The bigger picture…

Vision – Lead great people and lead great organizations.  See possibilities differently than others.  The passion and commitment to what you see makes this Vision become both visible and attainable for others around you.

Planning To Execute -Able to discern the fragile balance between planning and execution.

Outlook For The Future – You have the vision, the goals and strategies for success, despite the sometimes grim public reality of obstacles.  Your Organization and your Team needs you to show them hope and possibility for success.


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