What’s your favorite competency of successful Leaders?

Thats the question I seem to receive from those who have begun subscribing to the Rare Leader™ challenge. What’s my favorite? I thought for a minute, not about my personal selection, but more so to create a bit of a dramatic pause. As my client leaned forward to hear more clearly, I softly said, “all of them”. I looked into her eyes and said again, “all of them”, ever more strongly and confidently.

Well I suspected you might say that she said, since you assess Leaders on the 12 competencies, and you write, speak, and privately Coach to the concept. But surely, there must be a favorite. Isn’t there one that trips up everyone aspiring to be a great leader, or maybe that one trait that you find consistently in great Leaders? Yes I responded, it is truly “All of them”.

And I continued, It’s not so difficult to pick out one trait and master it. Or, I find many “want to be Leaders” discover through a careful assessment to have 4, 5, or maybe even the majority of the competencies well within their wheelhouse. However, I’m not asking you to almost try to be second best. Im not accepting your Coaching fees to help you become pretty good. You came to me because you feel strongly you can be the best of the best of Leaders. And you admit, this will be an achievable, but rare accomplishment.

To be the best of the best, the Rare Leader not only consumes and masters all 12 competencies of Leadership, but instills them into others others with their own Passion, Trust, and Selflessness. That, is my favorite competency of the Rare Leader. Yes, All of them. It’s a package, and they work together to accomplish success. Focusing on pieces makes you no more special than the supervisor down the hall. You came to me to be special, to be a great Leader. If after looking at the challenge you want something less, this is the wrong room for you.

  • Who you are
    • Integrity Of Character
    • Charisma
    • Inner Strength
  • Instilling in others
    • Relationships
    • Delegation
    • Working With Ambiguity
  • Seeking Results
    • Driven To Achieve
    • Taking Ownership
    • Decision Making
  • The Bigger Picture
    • Vision
    • Planning To Execute
    • Outlook For The Future

This continues to be the challenge of the Rare Leader. Consume and master all 12 of these competencies, and instill them in others with your own Passion, Trust, and Selflessness. Then, you can begin to look at your self as the Best of the Best.

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