“I’m a Visionary”, she said.


Really, I answered.  Tell me what you see.  Karen went on to tell me she knew the recession was coming in 2008.  She also claimed to know Millennial’s would be reshaping the workplace into a flexible, collaborative environment.  On and on she went with more examples of her Vision.

Then came my question.  Tell me Karen, what are you doing with this Vision?  As her eyes glazed over, I realized her definition of vision was a only sense of a tipping point into the future.

In my work with Business Leaders, Vision is something else I told her.  Entrepreneurs, and Leaders are quite adept at taking these tipping points into the future and actually doing something with them.

So what if Karen sensed the recession was coming.  What would she do with that glimpse into the future?  What has she done to engage this new workplace of collaboration?

The Next Step of Vision

Creating a next step of what it means to you and your organization to succeed into the future, is what completes Vision.  When you can grasp Vision, you must then put it into words, to help to communicate and instill this Vision into the Team around you, so they can complete the action plan for success into the future.

'Vision' highlighted in green

Your Statement Of Vision is a succinct message, built on the foundation of your Mission, describing your business or organization of the future, while answering the ongoing questions of;

  • Why do we exist?
  • What will we become into the future?
  • How will we get there?

Complete your Eye Into The Future based upon data, rather than opinions or assumptions and include;

  • Financial Performance
  • Market Position
  • Core products/services
  • Key competitive advantages
  • Pivotal Values known among others

Create a Picture Of Your Vision;

  • Your Ideology
    • 3-5 core values.
    • Brief statement of purpose that will remain constant for your lifetime.
  • Your Future
    • Predictable, “stated time”, audacious goals
    • Vivid vibrant, engaging, specific descriptions of what it will feel like to achieve the audacious goal.

Think Differently about your Organization, your customers, your products, your employees, and your community.

Steve Jobs, an American entrepreneur, marketer, and inventor, who was the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc. created his slogan of “Think Differently”, as a way of life.  To complete your visionary journey, you must also think of Innovation as a guiding path.  Consider these innovative principles of Steve Jobs;

  • Do what you love – Follow your heart.
  • Put a dent in the universe – Attract like minded people who share your Owners Passions and ideas.
  • Kick start your brain – Creativity is the act of connecting a broad set of experiences.
  • Sell dreams, not products – Help your customers fulfill their dreams, not buy products.
  • Say no to 1,000 things – Eliminate the unnecessary so the necessary may speak louder.
  • Create insanely great experiences – Make deep, simple, lasting, emotional connections with everyone you touch.
  • Master the message – Get people involved and excited.

So, you say you “Got Vision”?  Tell me about it…


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