As the year closes and you prepare for the next, thoughts inevitably turn to goals, expectations, and rewards. How did you do this year? Did you hit it out of the park, and now your big bonus is in sight? Or, did you struggle and now search for an explanation in your year end review? And what of next year? What goals will you set? Are they achievable? How will you be measured? What is your potential?

As a Leader, too often we forget about those we lead. In the ever present world of “It’s all about Fear and Greed”, in the end, it really is about “me”…isn’t it?

Is this you at year end?

“Come on, it’s year end. I’ve got nine reviews to complete by the deadline, and I need to get my compensation changes in to HR, and my officer title promotions decided. That’s a lot to do when I’m really wondering about me. How did I do? How will I be judged? And I’ve got my own holiday plans getting crunched by all of this.”

Or is this you? “I can’t believe this year is closing out so quickly. I have such an exciting Team, and our year end discussions were awesome. Really, they were just an extension of our regular interactions. No surprises here. And we are most excited about our plans for next year.”

Who are you? Really…

What about “Them”?
Maybe this is the time to look at your Team. Who out there is like “you”, so early in your career? Who comes to work every day with aspirations to someday have your job? Who goes home everyday excited about tomorrow? Who has that great potential? Have you ignored them? Are you forgetting about them? Who is their champion?

Everyone needs a Champion
Remember when you started out? You longed for the opportunity to show your stuff. You craved every opportunity to learn and position yourself for more. But there was no way you could do it alone.

One of my favorite interview questions is
“Who was your Champion early in your career?” Why?

Think that through for yourself. You come up with several names. Great people you emulate. Wonderful mentors you always feel thankful for. They saw something in you and took the time and effort to give you clarity, set plans, provide resources, hold you accountable, and reward you at the finish line. They were your Champion. They saw something in you. That something they saw is called Potential.

Maybe your year end, and year starting should also include plans to find people with Potential. Maybe it’s time to be their Champion.

Great Potential

What can you do for someone who has Potential? What can you help them become? What can you instill into them as their Leader, as their Champion?

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