No, don’t get confused by the title here.  I Had a dream.  You were thinking it should say I Have a dream.  Why is it so true that dreams have been replaced by a reality of “tried that”, or, “can’t do that”, and so many times “dreamed and quit”?

I admire people who dream.  Not those types of dreams or nightmares where you wake up frightened about the zombie killer at your door with a snake in his hand, but those people who actively dream about what “can be”, and allow themselves to believe it can come true.

What Keeps You Awake?

I am asked by others about my work as an Executive Coach and Business Advisor.  “What do you talk about” they inquire?  I typically respond with a tight answer of “what ever keeps them awake at night”.  In my coaching with Leaders, It’s those deeper conversations of what keeps them awake at night where we discover active entrepreneurs.  We find believers…those who believe in themselves.  We create clarity in those dreams, and make plans to achieve what can be, knowing full well, there will be some moments of challenge, and even failure, on the way to wonderful life changing successes.

Dream And Quit?

I also find those who choose not to dream.  Even though they too are kept awake at night by hopes and dreams, they approach the next day either putting the dream out of their head, or writing pages of goals, planning to achieve a homogenized version of what could have been.  These would be Leaders follow the pattern of Dream and Doubt…Dream and Fail…Dream and Doubt…and finally Dream and Quit.

Dream And Win!

Real Dreamers, who believe in themselves follow a different pattern.  They Dream and Believe…Dream and Fail…Dream and Believe…and typically Dream and Win.

Those leaders who avoid dreams, are haunted by their dreams.  Rather than continue to dream of what can be, they make careful plans to choose a path of deliberate low risk  average success.  They rely on goals to achieve success.  Their goals have measurements or timelines attached to them so they will know when they have either reached or failed to achieve their goal. Their goal is actually a watered down dream that is assigned a deadline.

Dreaming, Planning/Executing, Faith, Succeeding…

Successful Entrepreneurial Leaders who believe in their dreams, are still actively engaged planning, and executing a plan of strategy surrounded by a high performing Team.  However, when you consider the fine balance between Planning and Execution, they tend to lean into execution more than planning.  These entrepreneurial Leaders shy away from overly restrictive goal setting, and instead, rely on a behavior of faith.  Yes, faith in themselves, and a faith they also choose to instill into others.  They allow one dream to meld into another dream, creating a never ending road of successes.

Rare Leaders still Have a dream.


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