I find it interesting how everyone Uses the end of the year for review and planning. It’s on everyone’s mind, the year-end review, goal-setting for next year, tweaking the strategic plan, and counting up every one of those sales credits. With all this focus on reviewing planning and the rush to year-end, I looked up and noticed the clock was still ticking. When midnight came, it was simply 2012. When Sunday ended it was Monday. When December ended it was January. When 2012 ends it will be 2013.

We look at our clocks, or watches not to see what time it is, but to calculate how much time is left in our current event, and how much time until the next one begins.  Even though we seem to celebrate the end of one event with the anticipation of the next event, it really is one in the same.  It is a continuation of our greater life.

This may have been a year of the grim reality of obstacles and barriers for some. For others they look behind them with a sense of excitement that they have weathered a storm and they are better prepared for the unknown. Some will simply take the past for what it is and focus closely on the opportunities to create a better tomorrow.  Despite the grim realities, sense of excitement, weathering a storm, and recognizing other obstacles and barriers, Rare Leaders™ understand leading in times of both War and Peace, and through it all have an outlook for tomorrow that offers others a hope for success. Rare Leaders™ have vision, goals, and strategies and plans for what lies ahead. But most importantly, they share it in a contagious and positive manner.

So what?

I thought we’re talking about pedicures.


Even though we aspire to be a great Rare Leader™, and we see ourselves with this contagious positive hope for success it doesn’t come without cost. Sometimes the Rare Leaders™ become weary. Sometimes Rare Leaders™ need a little help as well.

Recently I mentioned to a friend that I needed a pedicure. Roy’s immediate reaction was to think of the work I do with my clients in Leadership coaching, and he quickly replied “it’s true Steve, we all need to put our best foot forward”.  But I had just come in from hunting, and had been in boots, walking through woods, swamps, and fields all day.  I was actually indicating I was tired, my feet were sore and I really did want a pedicure. While most men won’t admit their affinity for personal care of their walking tools, I have come to appreciate the timeout, rest, and care I give myself on occasion. But Roy is correct.  Just like recognizing our body, or specifically our feet need attention and care, so does our mind, and spirit.

My good friend David recently commented about caring for, and balancing our inner strength as part of our ability to perform with passion.    He felt this balance is a combination of our mind, body, and spirit.  This sense of balance needs constant attention and care.

Our Team expects us to lead, with Passion.  It doesn’t matter to them if it is times of War, or times of Peace.  They need our positive outlook when they look back at the year gone by, and wonder about what is ahead. I am not saying to sugar coat the reality, but good honest open communication can carry great weight towards a positive outlook for the future too.

So today, and this week, and next month, and all of the year ahead, remember we all need a little trimming, comforting, polishing, and color.  Not just to our bodies, but to our Mind and Spirit as well.  Balance is the key to your ability to consistently apply the energy and passion to lead, and to bring forward that contagious positive outlook for the future.


  1. Who gives you a contagious positive outlook for the future?
  2. What can you do to give care to balancing your mind, body, and spirit?
  3. Where do you see examples of a positive and contagious outlook for the future?
  4. When will you start caring for the balance of your mind, body, and spirit?
  5. How will a contagious positive outlook for the future make you a better Leader?

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