What keep you awake at night?

I find in my daily interactions with Business Leaders a variety of issues creating their personal Insomnia.  You might find it interesting that not all the reasons for staying awake are related directly to their business.

These Presidents, Owners, CEO’s, and C-Suite Leaders are just like you and I.  They also worry about family, their kids, aging parents, finances, faith, vacation planning, their golf game, politics, the economy, and when the sun may shine again.  And when Insomnia hits, we find ourselves helplessly enslaved to another sleepless night.  Staring at the ceiling, writing on a yellow pad, sending e-mails, turning on the tv, or even leaving voice mails are a few of the symptoms that hit Leaders with Insomnia.

The common denominator – we all find issues in the middle of the night that are critical to us.  These real and personal issues rob us of our energy, mental clarity, physical strength, and result in a challenge to meet the demands of the following day.  And when we lead others, and lead an organization, the risk of the impact becomes very real for many others.

Insomnia – Do you have it?

Insomnia – The killer of leader effectiveness.

Insomnia – What do you do about it?

Insomnia – Tell me your stories.